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Café Janan was launched in August 2011 alongside the boutique Janan Luxury Fashion. Café Janan celebrates what is near the heart of the Asian culture and that is food. It is sure to leave a lasting impression and taste with you. At Janan the boutique and Café are together to ensure customers are left fully satisfied after their experience with us.

What do we sell?

Cafe Janan rejoices and takes pleasure is providing a menu that offers traditional, authentic, hand crafted Pakistani Asian food. It is what most of us need after a tiring day of shopping.

We also provide a range of other continental food, to get a taste of the world like pasta, lasagne, stir fry and lots more…

Our breakfast selection consists of a desi favourite; saucy, curried chickpeas with puri.

You can also warm up with a cup of coffee or tea accompanied with a slice of rich, moist cake or a fancy cupcake.

So whatever your palette, whether it is a sweet tooth or spicy one, we are the right choice for you.


We are well known for our Premier samosa chaat which is packed with flavour and spice. A samosa of your choice from, meat, chicken or vegetable is crushed into mouthful pieces, topped with mixed, spiced vegetables, coated in yogurt to add sweetness to the dish, drizzled with tamarind sauce to give it that classic, sour kick in the end.

Not only does it look good, it tastes fabulous, making your taste buds crave more with every bite. It is a customer favourite, with many of them branding it as the best they have ever had!

Don’t take their word for it, try it yourself.

The Café

Cafe Janan provides the perfect excuse to rest your feet and take in the exotic aroma of spices and cutting edge layout that will make you want to return. The interior décor of the café has bold, vibrant green walls which compliments the dark furnishing of soft, cushioned seats and decorative art work to appease the eyes.

Your sense will be pleased, with your taste satisfied by the lip smacking flavour, the nose content with the exotic aroma and your eyes left to feast on the décor and enticing food.

Once you have finished your meal, head over to our boutique to treat yourself with a range of fashion style from a range of quality South Asian brand.


Come on down and visit us.

Love Food. Love Café J A N A N.

Opening Hours

Sunday 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Monday - Saturday 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM